Hair stylist working on client's hair

Four of the Most Common Requests Hairstylists Get From Clients

Being a hairstylist is not just about cutting and styling hair; it's about understanding and fulfilling the unique requests of clients. At Allgood Beauty Institute, the premier cosmetology school in Frisco, Texas, we train our students to excel in meeting client needs and preferences. Read on to learn about the four most common requests hairstylists receive and how our beauty courses can help you master them! Register today to get your start in cosmetology.

Hair stylist cutting layers into hair

The Perfect Layers

One of the most frequent requests hairstylists encounter is achieving the perfect layers. Clients often seek layers that add volume, texture, and movement to their hair without sacrificing length. Our beauty courses at Allgood Beauty Institute focus on mastering cutting techniques that allow you to create flawless layers tailored to each client's hair type and face shape.

Applying foils and highlights to hair

Natural-Looking Highlights

Clients love the sun-kissed glow that natural-looking highlights can bring to their hair. From subtle babylights to balayage techniques, hairstylists are often asked to create highlights that appear effortless and blend seamlessly with the base color. Our beauty courses cover color theory and application methods to help you master the art of achieving stunning highlights for your clients.

Trendy bridal updo

Trendy Haircuts and Styles

Keeping up with the latest hair trends is essential for hairstylists, as clients frequently request trendy haircuts and styles. Whether it's a sleek bob, beachy waves, or a chic pixie cut, staying current with haircut trends and styling techniques is crucial. At Allgood Beauty Institute, our beauty courses include hands-on training in cutting, styling, and finishing techniques to help you fulfill your clients' trendiest requests.

Hair with split ends

Damage Repair and Hair Health

Clients often seek hairstylists' expertise in restoring damaged hair and improving overall hair health. Whether it's repairing split ends, addressing breakage, or recommending nourishing treatments, hairstylists play a vital role in helping clients achieve healthy, beautiful hair. Our beauty courses focus on understanding hair structure, and scalp health, and providing personalized care recommendations to meet clients' hair repair and maintenance needs.

Being a hairstylist entails more than just skillfully wielding scissors and styling tools. Understanding and fulfilling clients' common requests requires knowledge, technique, and an eye for detail. By enrolling in our beauty courses at Allgood Beauty Institute, you can develop the expertise and hands-on experience needed to excel in meeting client demands and building a successful career in the beauty industry. Join us today and embark on your journey towards becoming a sought-after hairstylist who can confidently deliver on clients' most common requests with skill and creativity.

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